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What Day of the Week Should you Elope? (Yes, This Matters!)

Picking A Date

So you’ve decided to elope, and now you have to pick a date. First of all, congrats!! This is such an exciting decision, and whatever your reason for eloping, I am SO stoked for you. Let’s dive right into tips to choosing the best day for your elopement, shall we?

I’ll start by stating the obvious: Most people plan weddings on weekends. The reason for this is large weddings including anywhere from 25-200+ guests, and this gives each guest a real chance of being available, and not having to take time off work. But…. you’re eloping! Even if you are inviting close friends and family, I HIGHLY recommend a weekday for your elopement. Here are the top reasons why – I’ll go into more detail about each later on:

  1. There are more location options available to you
  2. It’s quieter and less crowded in public places
  3. It’s easier to hire your first choice vendors
  4. It’s more cost-effective

Fewer crowds, and More Location Options on Weekdays

Weekday elopements can take advantage of quieter venues and picturesque settings that might be more readily available during non-peak times. Especially if you’re looking to elope in a national or state park, some of which only allow you to do so on a weekday. For example in Big Sur, you’re only allowed to elope Monday-Thursday. This leads me into my next point – it’s quieter. If you elope in Yosemite National Park on a Saturday, you can expect it to be very, very crowded. Eloping on a weekday will mean less crowds, resulting in a much more intimate and magical feel on your elopement day.

It’s easier to Hire your First-choice Vendors

Another thing to consider is your first-choice vendors. Busy, in-demand vendors can be booked out on weekdays for up to a year, sometimes more. If you choose to elope mid-week, you have a much higher chance of your favorite photographer, florist, and hair and makeup artists being available on your day. Some vendors may even charge more on weekends, leading me into my final point.

Eloping on a Weekday is more Cost-effective

Eloping on a weekday is much more cost effective compared to a weekend. Not only do most venues charge less on weekdays, but chances are your lodging and transportation will be cheaper too. This leaves you with a bigger budget to spend on your adventures and create meaningful, once-in-a-lifetime memories together on your day, without worrying about the money. All of this being said, let’s get into my favorite reason for eloping on a weekday…

Escaping Routine

One of the most appealing aspects of eloping on weekdays is the sense of escaping from the routine and embracing a sense of adventure. You can choose a date that holds special significance to you and embark on a spontaneous journey together. In my experience this allows for feelings of a stronger connection between partners, as you share your commitment in a way that feels true to you. Additionally, a weekday elopement allows you to craft a personalized experience, focusing solely on what matters most to you, whether it’s writing personal vows, sharing heartfelt moments, or exploring a new destination together.

If eloping on a weekend works best for you, then that’s absolutely okay too! It’s your day, and you can do it whenever you want. Just keep in mind the location availability when planning. And of course if you ever are unsure, ask your photographer! We usually know the rules of eloping in most places, and are happy to help!

Ready to start planning your dream elopement day? Reach out and I’ll be in touch within 24 hours!

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