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You spend a relaxing morning cooking breakfast together excited about the day ahead instead of nervous about the details… because today you’re not putting on a show.

You are spending the day celebrating your love by adventuring in the mountains with your best friend.

Enjoying intimate moments together, laughing together, and enjoying the outdoors.

After a day of exploring and enjoying amazing views, you make your promises to each other at sunset and spend the evening soaking in a hot spring under the stars with your new spouse. 

Sound like your dream wedding day? You’re in the right place! Meet your California elopement photographer below

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You wake up from a restful sleep in a rustic cabin in a forest.

Meet your California Elopement Photographer

...Justin smiled across at his bride, Laura. As they share vows, both holding back sobs and taking turns wiping tears from the other's cheek, my eyes are misty behind the camera too. 

The shared emotions.
The real, deep love.
The big, goofy smile during a first look.
The tears forming during the vow exchange.
The celebration and immense happiness when you're officially married!!!

This is why I do what I do. Getting to be a part of one of the most important and intimate days in your life, I do not take lightly. During every elopement I find myself sharing in the joy with my couples, laughing and crying right alongside you. 

I've been a professional photographer for 7 years, ranging from landscape and travel photography to portraits. When I started photographing adventure elopements, I realized I found what I was meant to do. This is why I became a California elopement photographer, and why I've created an experience for my couples so that I am with you every step of the way, from planning your dream elopement day all the way to sending you your final gallery full of memories you'll cherish forever.

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A tear rolling down his face...

Hey! I'm Kasey

Your california elopement photographer

from booking to planning all the way to gallery delivery, I got you!

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The ultimate guide for how to elope in California, but it can be applied to any location you want! If you don’t know where to start, I highly recommend this guide!

Decided on a California elopement but not sure which location to choose? This post is for you! The best locations to elope in California from the perspective of a California elopement photographer.

Budgeting can feel overwhelming, this guide will help navigate budgeting for your California elopement as well as tips for being cost-effective.

From booking to planning to gallery delivery, I got you!

Check out my guides for eloping in California

California Elopement Galleries

A breathtaking elopement by the beautiful blue waters of Lake Tahoel It rained after the ceremony, and created the most romantic experience for Rebecca & Zakk!

Deep in the valley of Fern Canyon, this beautiful California elopement was full of adventure... and  a Big Foot surprise! Check out the most unique first look ever.

A stunning mountain elopement surrounded by snow, this day was a dream! Haley and Jazz said their vows in a snow covered meadow, explored different spots near Mammoth  and ended the day with a pizza celebration!

Everything you need to know about your California Elopement...

Not Just the Photos...

Personalized Location Scouting & Timeline Guidance

I will help you figure out where your perfect place to elope is if you haven’t already decided. I have scouted and explored different beautiful locations in California and know all of the best epic spots! I will also help you craft a timeline to get the best lighting for your photos, the smallest crowds at your location, and make the most of your day.

Lodging & Activity Recs

Don’t know where to stay or what to do while you’re there? I got you! Once I get to know you and your vision I can recommend lodging that fits your style and activities that you’ll love.

Permits & Licenses

Don’t know how to do this legally? Don't worry, I got you! I will send you everything you need to know to get a marriage license and permits for your location. 

“I have a big collection of photos where I look like a clumsy and awkward scarecrow. I always freeze when a camera turns my way. Working with Kasey for our wedding was an amazing experience, she had us moving around and interacting, we didn't feel awkward and the photos are amazing. We were astonished - who knew we were models in the rough!”

-Suzy & Paul

"Working with Kasey for our wedding was an amazing experience..."

You deserve a wedding as epic as your love

Your relationship deserves to be celebrated in a way that feels like you.


Imagine what the best day you could dream up with your partner would look like.

Consider this your permission slip to dicth the norm and get married the way you want to

As a California elopement photographer, I meet lots of couples  who tell me they don't want to throw a huge party, they don't want to spend the day trying to please everyone but themselves, or spend months stressing over wedding details.  My response is that this is completely okay. In fact, it's more than okay - it's awesome! It's your wedding day celebrating your relationship, and it should look and feel however you want. What ignites your soul? What makes you feel excited? What is special to you and your partner? These are the questions I want you to ask yourself when thinking about your elopement. You shouldn't have to worry about what anybody else thinks, but you.

Does an Adventurous California Elopement feel like you?

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Elopements give us the opportunity to explore some of the earth’s most epic places, but while we do so it’s important to remember to take care of and be respectful of our environment. As a California elopement photographer, I make sure to practice leave no trace principles in all of my activities, including elopements. 

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